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3 Easy & Crowd-Pleasing Dessert Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Bourbon caramel sundae pkg bkground whole caramels

As we all fall back into the rhythm of in-person potlucks, birthday parties, and barbecues this summer, we will also have to break out the tried and true entertaining recipes we put on hold for the better part of 2020. These three simple desserts will impress and delight even the pickiest of eaters.  For 21+: […]

The History of Chocolate: A Timeline


The history of chocolate begins with the discovery of the first cacao plants in Mesoamerica about 4,000 years ago. From there, chocolate had to travel to Spain, into all of Europe, and then back over to America and the rest of the world. As chocolate became more and more available it was constantly evolving, through […]

David Rodriguez on Flavor R&D: Employee Spotlight

Have you ever wondered who comes up with the exotic, seasonal, and surprising flavors that you see in the chocolate aisle? That’s the R&D department.  We spoke with David Rodriguez, the manager of the Research & Development team at Marich, who is in charge of paving the way to create fresh and up-and-coming flavors for […]

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

Is white chocolate really chocolate? We’ve all asked it. We’ve all wondered, and we’ve all received different answers. Finally, let’s end this debate. To begin, let’s cover what makes chocolate chocolate. Virtually all chocolates: milk, semisweet, bittersweet, etc. each have their requirements to legitimately be qualified as Chocolate. An official “Chocolate” label means that the […]

What Makes Great Chocolate?


There’s chocolate, and then there is the chocolate that makes you STOP and close your eyes to savor the bite before you’re even aware you’re doing it. At Marich, it’s our mission to produce great chocolate, and we believe that it comes down to 5 aspects: the ingredients, the growers, the process of making cocoa, […]

Chocolate Trends in 2021

Embrace Comforting, Adventurous, and Health Conscious Flavors Life in quarantine has altered our obvious ways of life…how we work, see our families, shop for groceries, and celebrate birthdays. But 2020 has also influenced decisions that may have gone unnoticed, like how we choose and desire certain flavors.  This past year many things have increased – […]

Salted Milk Chocolate English Toffee Caramel Cookies

Salted Milk Chocolate English Toffee Caramel Cookies

These Salted Milk Chocolate English Toffee Caramel Cookies, created by Nicole Carey Co., are the perfect sweet tooth remedy when you are craving something sweet and salty. The salted chocolate chip cookie is already a fan favorite, but this isn’t your average cookie. By adding in our Milk Chocolate English Toffee Caramels you are rewarded […]

Marich Chocolates Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Our love language is chocolate, for that reason we love Valentine’s day. Send your friends, loved ones, and most importantly, yourself, sweet treats to indulge in this Valentine’s Day.  The Valentine Select Mix  This is the gift for the Valentine that wants it all. Less is not more when it comes to chocolate. Enjoy a […]

Marich Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa

A vast majority of Marich packaged products are Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa.  Bearing this logo demonstrates this commitment. Why Marich Became Fair Trade Certified™ Marich is a second generation family business and we attribute much of our success to our commitment of strong values.  One of which is responsibility.  Responsibility to build a business that […]

Mexican Spice Vanilla Almond Biscotti

Want to dial up your daily routine? Our Pancrafted® Mexican Vanilla Dark Chocolate Almonds give classic biscotti an unexpected kick and crunch, making them the perfect pairing with your morning coffee, afternoon latte or after-dinner espresso. Get the recipe below. Makes: Approximately 36 biscotti Time: 20 minutes prep, 40 minutes cook INGREDIENTS – 3 cups […]