Esther Molina, Packaging Lead : Employee Spotlight 

Our team at Marich would be lost without the help of our packaging lead, Esther Molina. She helps to oversee our B2B packaging side of the business for our Marich Branded line, as well as our private label lines, to ensure that everyone is getting the right chocolates, gummies, or treats, packaged perfectly and delivered to their doorstep.

How long have you been working at Marich? 

esther_employee_headshotI have worked at Marich for approximately 23 years.  When I started with the company, my first role was in the packaging department as a packager, and I am now a lead supervisor.  

Over the years, I have grown to know many facets of the company, as our roles expand beyond our immediate departments, it really is a team environment and team effort here.  Collaboratively working with each department, to create and pack  your tasty treats in their perfectly packaged travel device and ultimately delivered to the palm of your hand.

It is said that we eat with our eyes first, and within the packaging department is where our brand (and many others) really come to life.  

What is it like to work for Marich? 

At Marich we are like a big family. I love that I get to work with a variety of different people, in different departments. There is never a day that is the same, and this keeps each day interesting, fun and at times challenging. 

But the great thing within the challenging opportunities, is that we all pull together and find a great solution to make it happen – and this is where we really feel the support of our immediate, and extended teams…and that feels good!  Within those moments, we find ourselves learning creative ways to accomplish something, and also have the opportunity to shed some light and teach an element of our own expertise to a colleague.  

What was your first job before you began working with Marich? 

My first job was at Casa de Fruta, where I worked in the Wine tasting room for approximately 12 years.  Following Casa de Fruta, is when I started with Marich and I have been with this company for more than 20 years but it still seems like it was only yesterday.  

Within the past 20 years, our company has grown immensely.  As you would expect, colleagues have turned into friends and some even extended family (at heart).  Babies have been born, and some – now adults, even work here and are learning the trade.

What’s your favorite Marich treat? 

There are so many great flavors but our Dark Chocolate Blueberries are hands down a favorite! Whole dried blueberries, covered in rich Fair Trade dark chocolate and then finished in a blueberry white chocolate…heaven.

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