Real Good Feel Good Ingredients

We use a proprietary blend of high quality Chocolate sourced from primarily Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and the Ivory Coast in our layered chocolates. Marich layered chocolates are panned chocolates that are created in a handcrafted process in which the chocolate is layered over an ingredient center using a time honored tradition of coating.

The majority of Marich ingredients are sourced locally in California, however, we do search globally for a variety of premium ingredients that are best of class in other regions.

Creamy Chocolate

Buttery Caramel

Chewy Fruit

Salty Nuts

Marich and Fair Trade

In line with our values and desire to build a business that has a positive impact on everyone that experiences who we are and what we create and do; all Marich brand packaged products are Fair Trade certified™ Cocoa and bear the logo demonstrating this commitment.

What Does Fair Trade Mean?

Buying Fair Trade ensures that, in addition to producing quality products, we are helping to ensure that the people who grow our cocoa receive a fairer and more sustainable price for their hard work. In fact, your everyday purchases can help farmers improve safety conditions, earn additional money to invest in their communities and improve the lives of their families. These additional funds are called Community Development Premiums, which are invested in much needed projects like schools, wells, and roads.

Fair Trade also helps protect the environment through sustainable farming practices and by restricting GMOs and harmful pesticides. Fair Trade also ensures that child labor is strictly prohibited, preventing abuses, and helping kids stay in school and build bright futures. Look for the Fair Trade Certified Cocoa™ label on all Marich brand single serves, pouches and gift boxes.


Most of MARICH Pancrafted Chocolates are certified Dairy Kosher through Kof-K.
A list of these can be provided upon request.