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Your experienced manufacturing partner for custom, co-manufactured, and private label chocolates and candies

With over 36 years of experience, our team works closely with you end-to-end from initial concept to development, launch and ongoing order fulfillment needs.

An Experienced Team

As a 2nd Generation family business, we were literally born to create outstanding confectionery products with the skills, knowledge and abilities to help you differentiate and stand out in the marketplace.

Committed to Deliver

From our first call or meeting to ongoing production and delivery, we make it happen; in short, we break down barriers and solve problems so you don’t have to.

The Complete Solution

From concept to development, sourcing to manufacturing, we offer over 36 years of expertise and our naturally collaborative style to help manage your project from ideation to the shelf. Our capabilities range from everyday to premium Pancrafted® panned confections, and starch moulded products of all types, paired with a range of packaging styles.

Chocolate Nut Medley Bulk

At Marich, we turn your vision into reality. From existing to new products, we are your trusted development partner. With our dedicated Innovation Center and Team, you have the options to choose from our vast library of products. Begin with an existing product, and tailor to your needs or create a custom concept from benchtop to commercialization.

The Marich® 5 Star Approach

We offer a complete solution, backed by a team of talented and experienced professionals. You can count on us from start to success. Premium products combined with our services and the flexibility to engage from start-up allows us to support rapid growth and help build market share.

Endless Possibilities

With our broad range of products from chocolates to gummies, sours and jelly beans, we are equipped to help you create, launch and grow your Private Label brand and product lines.

  • Premium Pancrafted® Chocolates with a variety of centers and layers
  • Starch Moulded Candies from gummies to sours and jelly beans
  • Fire Roasted Glazed Nuts & Toffees
  • Everyday, Holiday, and Limited Time products

Dressed for Success

Through our collaborative process we support you from product development and selection, to a packaging solution that meets your needs. From concept to final package, we help you stand out in the market and at the shelf!

  • Resealable Zip Pouches
  • Form Fill Seal Bags in various sizes and weights
  • Form Fill Seal Bags inserted into decorative folding cartons
  • Filling and finishing of various containers from tins to tubes and everywhere in between

Quality by Design

Quality is the #1 reason that we are the trusted production partner for brands and retailers, from regional to nationwide. As an SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified producer, Marich products are designed, produced, and managed in adherence to globally recognized 3rd party audited guidelines and processes. Our goal is to operate at the highest level industry standards and regulatory requirements throughout the supply chain with a focus on continuous improvement.

  • 3rd Party audited and certified for over 15 years
  • Certified by SQF since 2011
  • Certified SQF Level 3 (FSQ) since 2018

Safety Certified by SQF, AIB, HACCP
Certified Organic by CCOF
Certified Kosher Dairy by KOF-K

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What’s Inside Matters®

Specializing in indulgent and better-for-you

  • Premium chocolates
  • Broad range of natural colors and flavors
  • Freshly Roasted Nuts
  • Sun-ripened Fruits
  • Caramels
  • Buttery Toffees
  • Rich Espresso Beans
  • Gummies, Sours & Jelly Beans
  • Sugar free, Reduced Sugar, and No Added Sugar Options
  • Vitamin & Fortified Products
  • Fair Trade Certified Cocoa
  • Organic Certified Products
  • Additional Options

Experience Counts

Dedicated to your Success

With over 36 years of experience as a trusted manufacturer for regional and national brands, we contribute to your success through a collaborative partnership from concept to launch to every day execution. We are an extension of and guardian of your brand.

Patience Pays Off

#1 Reason Our Customers Choose Us

At MARICH® we are focused on producing consistently high quality products that you will be proud to call your own. Our skilled candy makers are dedicated to their craft, and with the support of our team from sourcing to packaging to shipment, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Let’s discuss how we can help you with a successful execution of your contract manufacturing or custom Private Label opportunity!

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