Elevate Your Summer Desserts with a Simple Marich Twist

Pool parties. Cookouts. Camping trips. Sunny afternoons by the ocean or lake. No matter where you enjoy your hot summer days, they’re best spent with filled plates, cool drinks, and we believe, a large selection of sweet desserts.   

If you find yourself entertaining this year, or looking to bring the “wow, this is something special” dessert to the party, we hope these Marich-style takes on summer classics come in handy. 


S’mores are more than a campsite staple. They truly are welcomed anywhere. This year, instead of only serving milk chocolate, go for the salty-sweet decadence of dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Better yet? Make a s’mores bar with a variety of different chocolates to test out. Milk chocolate english toffee caramel s’mores? Yup. 

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are classic. There’s no denying it. So the best thing to do is turn up the dial with a sweet and sour surprise. Take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (we like this one from Joy Food Sunshine) and simply swap some of the chocolate chips for milk chocolate cherries. You can also try it with dark chocolate barrel-aged bourbon caramels or milk chocolate coconut toffee macadamias.

Lemon Cheesecake Tarts

We love these lemon cheesecake tarts from Taste of Home for a few reasons:

  • they’re perfectly bite-sized for a party/cookout environment
  • they’re pretty easy to prep (30 min, max)
  • they’re perfectly tangy and creamy

For a Marich twist, swap the fresh blueberry garnish with milk or dark chocolate blueberries. For added dimension, skewer the chocolate blueberries on a toothpick and add them on top.

Dirt Cake

Dirt cake can be served in a variety of fun ways. Some use a beach bucket or flower pot, some a trifle dish so you can see the layers, and others in easy-to-share individual cups or bowls. The best part? Prep takes 15 mins and there’s no baking necessary! Start with this recipe from Taste of Home. Then, choose from a variety of decorative (and delicious) Marich toppings. 

Here are some we recommend for summer:

Happy Summer!

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