Fair Trade Certified™

What Does Fair Trade Certified™ Mean?

In line with our values and desire to build a business that has a positive impact on everyone, including the environment that we live in, a vast majority of Marich Packaged products are Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa. Bearing the logo demonstrates this commitment.



As a second generation family business, we know that our success has been supported by our unwavering commitment to strong values.

Responsibility is one of our core values, and to us, it includes an obligation to interact fairly and positively with our customers, stakeholders, suppliers, and the individual growers of our Fair Trade Certified cocoa.

Amplifying the benefits of fair trade to the families and communities where cocoa is grown is critical to the long-term sustainability of the environment and notably, the viability of local economies.

By buying Marich fair trade products, you are enabling cocoa growers to have better working conditions while empowering their local community.  For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, producers earn an additional amount of money that is deposited into a Community Development Fund at origin.

A committee of growers then decide together how to invest these funds to improve their quality of life and meet their unique, social, economic, and environmental needs.

Fair Trade Empowerment

Farmer Well-Being

The Agricultural and Production Standards from Fair Trade USA requires ethical working conditions, including fair working hours and prohibits child labor, helping kids stay in school and build bright futures.

Community Development & Empowerment

Farmers are able to voice their opinions and advocate for investments. Premiums are invested in farming communities to improve livelihoods, including access to clean water, education, scholarships, healthier farms, and infrastructure.

Environmental Stewardship

Ongoing trainings are provided to help farmers maintain sustainable farming and prevent deforestation.

In 2018, the Kpatabonou Village, in the Oumé section of Côte d’Ivoire, completely renovated its water pump with Community Development Funds received through the local cooperatives’ partnerships with Fair Trade USA.

“Before the renovation women had to walk really far to get water. It was dirty and unsafe,” says Michel Yao Kouassi, Chief of the village. “Now, the water pump area is clean, efficient, and safer for our community to use.”

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