Marich has been actively engaged in sustainable efforts across the span of our history. Beginning in our foundational years, engaging in industrial waste reduction via a cardboard recycling program, we have continued to seek ways to reduce our impact on the environment and operate in responsible and more sustainable ways. The commitment spans the enterprise, from sourcing partnerships in collaboration with our suppliers, and customers, to energy usage and the choices we make every day. Our goal is to be best-in-class from field to factory and seed to shelf.


As a second generation family business, one of our values is Responsibility: To the company, its people, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and the world we live in. Our commitment extends to the growers and producers of our ingredients and the delicate environment that supports our mutual bond. In collaboration with suppliers and customers, we work together to ensure fair and sustainable sourcing and supporting the people and communities that are part of our quality and flavor through education, knowledge, and sharing of best practices to contribute to long term positive changes.



Energy conservation is vital to our environment and as a manufacturer, it is important that we continue to seek ways to improve and reduce. In 1998, when we constructed our Hollister location, we utilized the best available technology and materials, from high performance glass and roofing insulation to improvements such as sensor aided fluorescent lighting and facility management to improve energy efficiency. Today, through our partnership with Central Coast Community Energy, all of our electrical power is generated from renewable sources, including approximately 50% of our needs produced from the sun, right on our rooftop!

Plant a Tree

As a hobby, our dad gardened.  He loved plants and trees, especially Redwood trees.  Known as nature’s natural carbon scrubbers, and in honor of our dad, we planted over 70 trees on the 5 acres we occupy, along with ribbons of drought tolerant shrubs, flowering plants, and of course…Redwood trees.

Our Packaging

Packaging is an important element of food and beverage products. We are focused on making responsible choices in the materials we use.  From our corrugated cartons to printed boxes and other packaging materials, we strive to purchase recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. Our cartons are printed with soy based inks and to minimize the contribution to the waste stream, we use insulated bags instead of Styrofoam, for protection when shipping during warm weather.