There's No Hiding Good Taste.™

Creamy, Chewy, Nutty, Fruity, Chocolatey ... Layers


Amazingly Marich

MARICH® CHOCOLATES are a line of delicious snackable, sharable and giftable chocolates. Using only amazingly good ingredients we craft each bite of MARICH Chocolates to reveal an incredibly craveable taste experience.

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There’s No Hiding Our Ingredients

Creamy Chocolate

Locally-sourced Fair
cacao of the purest
and utmost quality.

Buttery Caramel

Made from pure
cane sugar 
cooked to create
perfect chew.

Chewy Fruit

From the vine to our
chocolate, only the
fruit is used
in our treats.

Salty Nuts

Freshly roasted
create a
savory and
sweet pairing.

Featured Flavor

Gratitude & Cheer Box

Our collection of chocolate is more than just nice to look at. It Has Layers! Gift it, Share it, Enjoy it!

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