Marich Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa

A vast majority of Marich packaged products are Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa.  Bearing this logo demonstrates this commitment.

(Brad vanDam, CEO and Troy vanDam, President in cocoa tree fields during their fair trade trip to the Domincan Republic)

Why Marich Became Fair Trade Certified

Marich is a second generation family business and we attribute much of our success to our commitment of strong values. 

One of which is responsibility.  Responsibility to build a business that has a positive impact and to do our part for our growers, customers, stakeholders, environment, and global community. 

When you buy Marich Fair Trade products  you are supporting efforts to improve the working conditions of our growers, the environment, and empowering their local communities. We work alongside these communities to ensure the fair and sustainable sourcing of our Cocoa. 

For every Fair Trade product that is sold, a percentage of that is deposited into a Community Development Fund that is left to a committee of growers to decide how to invest the funds to improve specific social, economic, or environmental needs.

(A  Côte d’Ivoire school where children benefit from Fair Trade contributions to the local cocoa farming community )

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade USA was founded in 1997 with the intention of setting standards for distributing profits back to the workers who help source, farm, and create ingredients that go into your product. Fair Trade USA ensures that workers are treated fairly, and ethically throughout their entire supply chain. 

When you purchase Fair Trade products, you are supporting safe working conditions, the livelihoods within that community, and support more sustainable practices that protect the environment. 

The  Fair Trade Certified™ website has information on the history, mission, and standards that go into  conscious consumerism. 

(Troy vanDam, President hiking amongst cocoa trees during a Fair Trade trip to the Dominican Republic)

Where do you Source the Fair trade Cocoa?

Our cocoa is sourced from Cote d’Ivoire and the Domincan Republic. In 2018, Fair Trade USA was able to partner with local cooperatives in Cote d’Ivoire to utilize funds to renovate a broken water pump in order to provide convenient, clean, and safe water to the Kpatabonou Village. 

Brad vanDam, CEO and Troy vanDam, in front of the renovated water pump in the Kpatabonou Village.

How Can I Tell If The Product is Fair Trade?

Whether you are shopping for Marich products online or find us in a store, you will find the Fair Trade logo on the packaging label for all our Fair Trade Certified™ Products. 

If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our team who is an expert on the Marich Fair Trade process, or have any questions about our Fair Trade Certified™ Products, please contact us here

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