Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MARICH® CHOCOLATES so Amazingly Good?

As second generation candy makers with a proud European heritage, we are passionate about keeping chocolate fun. Our craveable creations are crafted just for you.

What does layered chocolates mean?

Layered Chocolates are also known as panned chocolates and it is a handcrafted multi stage layering technique of making chocolates.

What is the shelf life on MARICH® CHOCOLATES?

Typical shelf life is 8-12 months with the exception of the pectin/jelly products which have a greater shelf life of approximately 18months. Our branded products have a noted best by date printed on them as well.

What is the best way to store MARICH® CHOCOLATES?

Keep cool! Our chocolate prefers smiling faces and a cool dry place. Chocolate melts but doesn’t like freezing. Ideal conditions are 65 degrees at 50% relative humidity, not to go below 50 degrees (freezing is not recommended) and not to exceed 72 degrees.

Chocolates will maintain freshness after opening if stored at temperatures that do not exceed 65°F (18°C). Avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. For freshness of unopened products refer to the Best By Dating printed on many of our products.

Does your chocolate contain dairy products?

All of our dark, milk, and white chocolate may contain dairy or milk products. Any person with a dairy allergy should NOT consume our products.

Are MARICH® CHOCOLATES tree nut free?

All of our products including solid chocolate pieces may contain nuts and/or peanuts. Any person with a nut allergy should NOT consume our products.

Not all products contain tree nuts however, our products are manufactured in our facility which we do process various tree nuts.

Are MARICH® CHOCOLATES gluten-free?

All of our products including solid chocolate pieces may contain gluten. Any person with a gluten allergy should NOT consume our products.

Many of our products do not contain gluten however they are produced in a facility that does process gluten.


Our chocolates are not vegan as the chocolate does contain butter.


Most of our retail branded items are kosher.

What does the Fair Trade USA label mean?

Moving to Fair Trade is important to Marich as individuals and an important aspect of our business for the future. Buying Fair Trade ensures that in addition to getting quality products, every purchase helps the people who grow our cocoa to receive higher returns for their hard work. In fact, every purchase of Marich Chocolates can help farmers work in safer conditions and earn more money to invest in their communities and improving the lives of their families while also supporting sustainable growing practices.

What does cacao mean?

Cocoa solids are all of the ingredients from a cocoa bean. Chocolate has a higher cacao percentage, and has more cocoa solids and cocoa butter in it than others. This means the chocolate will be darker and more strongly flavored since there is less room for sugar and other flavorings in the product.

Cocoa solids are a mixture of many substances remaining after cocoa butter is extracted from cacao beans. When sold as an end product, it may also be called cocoa powder, cocoa, and cacao.

What % cacao does Marich use?

We use a proprietary blend of chocolates and the % vary by flavor.  Most of our layered products are 2/3 chocolate and 1/3 ingredient center.

Are MARICH® CHOCOLATES made with artificial ingredients?

Our Marich branded products have nothing artificial ever! We keep it real on all our branded Marich packaged items; they are free from Artificial Ingredients, Colors, or Flavors. However we do have a small amount of bulk products that do not fit into this category.

Do you give factory tours?

While we take great pride in our manufacturing process we do not provide tours due to safety and food safety standards.

What is MARICH® CHOCOLATES Policy on Donation requests?

Of course we could like to help everyone and be a part of every community but our resources are indeed limited. It is for this reason that we mostly devote our efforts to local charities, food pantries and community organizations.

Why didn't my promotional code or promotional offer work?

From time to time, will offer special promotions and discounts. Many offers require a minimum spend in order to qualify for the promotional offer.