The Employee Gift Guide: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Team

variety pack chocolates with bow

There are so many reasons to show gratitude to your employees in 2021. Whether it’s finding ways to collaborate during a global pandemic, welcoming a new hire, recognizing an internal promotion, or just because, chocolate makes any occasion even sweeter. 

gratitude and cheer box of six single serve chocolates

1. Welcome New Hires With Gratitude & Cheer

When you don’t know if your new hire is more of a dark chocolate, sea salt, or toffee finatic, we have a gift that will check off all the boxes. Our Gratitude and Cheer Box comes with 8 individually sized bags of our highest rated flavors. It’s guaranteed to make sure they find something irresistible. 

chocolate of the month gift box

2. Show Your Appreciation With The Gift That Keeps Giving

What’s better than showing your appreciation once? Showing it every single month.

Our subscription boxes are the perfect way to show you care, and your employees will be reminded each time the Chocolate of the Month Box shows up on their doorstep. This gift comes with an ever changing selection of both our seasonal and tried and true flavors, ensuring that each month is just as exciting as the last. 

bulk chocolate variety in small wooden bowls

3. Make Coming Back to the Office Sweet By Stocking Up On Bulk Chocolate 

Whether it’s a full or partial return, surprise your employees with an endless supply of their favorite chocolates and gummies. Our bulk options mean that you don’t have to worry about running out of our Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Celestial Sours, or Dark Chocolate Blueberries

deluxe gift basket with variety of chocolates in metal basket

4. Celebrate a Promotion with a Deluxe Gift Basket 

When you need to make a big statement, you can’t go wrong with our Deluxe Mixed Chocolate Gift Basket. Packed with a mix of assorted chocolate covered caramels, nuts, fruits, and toffees, it’ll make their special day even sweeter.

variety pack chocolates with bow

5. The Just Because Gift

And really, do you ever need a reason to express appreciation? When a just because reason is the best reason, try leaving a gift bag with a bow on the desk of a coworker. We promise they’ll feel the love, especially if it is filled with Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans.

Celebrate with Everyday Indulgences

At Marich we layer fun, flavorful, and ethically sourced ingredients so you can feel good about gifting, sharing, and snacking on Marich Pancrafted Chocolates. 

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