Kim Judkins, Vice President: Employee Spotlight


Kim Judkins (formerly Kim Magni—congrats to her on her recent marriage!) is one of our VPs here at Marich. In her role overseeing many departments, she spends much of her time multitasking, finding solutions quickly, and her favorite part—interacting with employees. In fact, Kim says encouraging teamwork is a big part of her job description. The way she sees it “we can do much more working together than working alone.”

What do you love about working at Marich? 

The people! Each individual at Marich brings a special skill set and personality. When you merge all of those talents together, we are able to deliver an exceptional product, and service to our customers. It doesn’t hurt that we all strive to work with each other as a team to achieve our goals. We are not perfect but our flaws make us strive to find better ways individually, and as a team to enhance our company and how we can influence our customer’s chocolate experience.  

What’s something you find unique about Marich?

Our ability to make the quality product we do. The effort and skill that goes into our pancrafted product is unique, and we are very lucky to have such talented candymakers who have perfected their expertise. 

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time? 

I recently got married in November so time with my new husband, our puppy Maverick and my amazing support system of family and friends. We live in Napa Valley so not a bad place to take in the views and share our wonderful product with the local wineries. Who doesn’t love wine and chocolate? 

What’s a fun fact your employees might not know about you?

I was recently accepted as a member of Chief—a network built to support and empower women leaders. Chief is the only organization specifically designed for senior women leaders to strengthen their leadership journey. 

What was your first job? 

We can count two here. My first first job was helping out at the high school where my Mom was the Finance Director. She needed somewhere for me to be and I assisted in gathering attendance for the summer school classes. Maybe some foreshadowing to a career in HR? 🙂 My official first job that I earned on my own was working at Wild Bill’s Donuts. 

Any other fun work facts you’d like to share?

I worked for Casa de Fruta at the local mall in San Mateo for a few years. It was fun when I started working at Marich to see my old boss Sue Slater for lunch after 20 years as she is right up the street. Funny how sometimes life can bring you full circle! 

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Angele in Napa

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