Chocolate Trends in 2022

Over the past two years, as the world saw drastic changes in consumer behavior, one thing held steady: the love of chocolate. In 2020 and 2021, consumers continued to purchase chocolate regardless of their financial situations. As we dive into 2022, what do we expect our chocolate-lovers will be looking for? Here are a few predictions: 

The Rise of Dark Chocolate

The global dark chocolate market has seen growth in recent years. With more mindfulness around health and wellbeing, many are turning to dark chocolate as a healthier way to indulge. In a general search on the world wide web you will find various healthful benefits of chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar. And unlike milk chocolate, it does not contain milk. Why does this matter? More cocoa solids = more health benefits. 

Flavanols present in dark chocolate have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and free-radical scavenging properties, all which may help to lower risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, raise good cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. In addition, dark chocolate has been cited to improve cognition, prevent memory loss, and boost your mood. 

At Marich, we pancraft many favorites—nuts, berries, caramels, coffee beans—in dark chocolate so you can get that perfect, good-for-me bite every time. 

Shifts in Brand Allegiance

Since the pandemic, consumers have been exploring new brands, citing value, quality, and brand purpose as top reasons for trying new brands across countries. In the world of chocolate, there are a few things chocolate-lovers will be looking out for in 2022:

  • Transparency into the production process
  • Full ingredient lists
  • Fair Trade 
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Responsible sourcing
  • A connection to the brand’s ethos

At the core, consumers will be looking to buy chocolate from brands they can trust.

Did You Know? Marich is a family owned business. We take pride in “pancrafting” our chocolate, which involves the human touch and artistry by our candy makers (one layer at a time). You can learn more about our story here, read up on our Fair Trade Certification, or learn more about our commitment to sustainability

At-Home Moments

As the world fluctuates between open and closed, enjoying chocolate at home is a trend that won’t be going away after 2021.

In 2022, we expect to see people continuing to bake at home, incorporating new ingredients into their traditional recipes. (Well hello, Salted Milk Chocolate English Toffee Caramel Cookies).

As people continue to seek moments of comfort, excitement, and indulgence, we can also expect to see people reaching for the old classics just as much as the more decadent or adventurous flavors. Those seeking comfort or nostalgia may go for classics like Milk Chocolate Almonds or Milk Chocolate Maltballs, while those looking to mix it up may try new flavors like Blood Orange Caramels, or Triple Chocolate Toffee. 

A Chocolate Covered 2022

Whether consumers are trying out new flavors, sticking to old favorites, or soul-searching for a chocolate brand they can say yes to forever, there’s no doubt 2022 will be a chocolate-filled year. 

Shop our flavors today. 

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