Chocolate Trends in 2021

Embrace Comforting, Adventurous, and Health Conscious Flavors

Life in quarantine has altered our obvious ways of life…how we work, see our families, shop for groceries, and celebrate birthdays. But 2020 has also influenced decisions that may have gone unnoticed, like how we choose and desire certain flavors. 

This past year many things have increased – staying at home, picking up new hobbies, focusing on our health, and scrolling through old travel photos, just to name a few. Because of the ‘new normal’ that’s continuing into the new year, we’ve concurrently seen a rise in comfort foods  reminding us of our childhood, adventurous combinations pairing familiar and exotic tastes, and ingredients to benefit our bodies. 

Classic Flavors Trend For Their Nostalgic Comfort

Just because your consumption of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches has significantly decreased since childhood, does not mean that it doesn’t absolutely hit the spot when there is nothing else in your cupboard. Flavors that we have been enjoying forever are classics for a reason. 

Childhood favorites increase in popularity year after year and these nostalgic flavors are known for their ability to provide comfort during times of stress. Flavors like Milk Chocolate Almonds and Milk Chocolate Maltballs can help transport you back to that comforting, childhood time. 

But comforting flavors don’t have to be exactly what you remember all the time. We’re seeing a trend toward classic flavors being enjoyed in unexpected combinations. With the increase of at-home baking over the last year, people have been experimenting by taking classic recipes and changing some of the classic ingredients, or adding new, unexpected flavors to provide more complex tastes. 

Combinations like a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Cake, or Mexican Spice Vanilla Almond Biscotti are able to provide classic comfort with a twist. 

The Rise of Adventurous Culinary Combinations

There’s no shortage of people getting restless and their wanderlust increasing by scrolling through old travel photos as stay-at-home orders continue. As a result, experimenting with flavor combinations is on a rise, people are quite literally spicing it up with their food choices.

For the growing popularity towards classic flavors, there is an equal interest for unexplored and untraditional flavors. 

Chocolate paired with coffee, exotic fruits, and chili peppers, are on the rise, illuminating that people are craving items that go beyond traditional chocolate flavors.  

Dark Chocolate Chipotle Almonds, Blood Orange Caramels, and Mexican Spiced Vanilla Almonds, layer complexity and familiarity together to make a delicious combination of flavors. 

Promoting Mental and Physical Health Through Flavor Ingredients

This past year and continuing into 2021, has sparked conversation and inspiration for many people around the world to consume healthier products and live a healthier lifestyle. As a result, many people have been educating themselves about some of  the anti-inflammatory antioxidants and prebiotic benefits found in cocoa. Flavors that mix natural sugars with the health benefits of cocoa continue to rise as people get more and more conscious about their food choices, but still want a little indulgence. 

Berries, citrus, and dark chocolate are a great vehicle for antioxidants and immune support. People choosing to eat healthier sweets for the nutritional benefits will gravitate to flavors that both taste good and make them feel good too.  Dark Chocolate Blueberries, Milk Chocolate Cherries, and Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Almonds are flavors we expect to continue to gain popularity.

Chocolate Trends For An Unpredictable 2021 

There are few foods people gravitate to regardless of circumstance. Chocolate is able to heal, celebrate, and nourish us. Classic flavors provide a moment of nostalgic bliss, adventurous combinations feed the need to step outside our comfort zone, and health conscious combinations allow us to put ourselves first. No matter the need, there’s a flavor that’s the perfect fit. 

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